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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 8, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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bill: so where's that gold medal? martha: i gave it back! it was not easy, though! i really wanted to hang on to it. it's not the same. you have to win it. bill: indeed, that's right. here's jon and john, -- jon and jane, we'll catch you tomorrow, everybody. martha: see you tomorrow, everybody. jane: good morning, everybody, i'm jane skinner. jon: i'm jon scott. a new assessment of the war in afghanistan as secretary of defense gates makes a surprise visit to that country. what he has to say about the way forward. jane: in the milled box new developments in the terrifying ordeal of a british couple, they've been held hostage by somali pirates for five months. what a doctor who was allowed to treat them is saying. jon: on the bottom, a mystery, an executive missing for days now in new orleans: mike at schantz last seen in the french quarter, he vanished before he was supposed to meet up
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with his daughter. we'll talk to her this hour. also take a look at our newsroom, where breaking news is coming in from across the country and around the world. we'll have it covered for you. >> want to show you live pictures from pennsylvania, that's where president obama is about to give another big push on health care reform. he's ucialging lawmakers to pass the overhaul, even according to polls out there. his plan is receiving only modest public support. wendell goler is traveling with mr. obama. wendell, he's at arcadia university, why did he pick that school? >> this university has 15 jawnd graduate -- undergraduate health care major and a number of graduate degrees in health care as well and the president has come here for the same reason he puts doctors and nurse necessary lab coats behind him when he talks about health care at the white house, he wants to make the point that by in large the health care profession is behind his push for reform. even when he criticizes things like defensive
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medicine, unnecessary tests which raise the cost of health care for the rest of us, the president is careful not to criticize the doctor for that, he criticizes the system and here at arcadia university today, the president will once again lash into the insurance companies. he will accuse them of having calculated that they can continue to lose subscribers because they can continue to raise the premiums on the rest of us. this trip starts a string of appearances the president will make outside the partisan poisonous atmosphere in washington, making what aides say is the closing argument for health care reform. he'll be in missouri on wednesday, telling people that doing nothing is not an option, not just because the status quo was unacceptable, but because the status quo won't hold. businesses, the president will say, will continue to drop coverage for their workers and the cost of medicare and medicaid will eventually break the federal budget, jane. jane: how does the white house respond to polls suggesting a lot of people
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want congress to scrap this bill and start over? >> reporter: the white house says what you are seeing with those polls is frustration with washington, with the partisan atmosphere, with some of the deals that were made to get health care reform bill through the senate. they say when you ask people about the elements of health care reform, banning insurance companies' ability to descrim nail based on preexisting conditions, banning the lifetime benefit caps that bankrupt people, even who have health care insurance, they say people want to get there even if they have to start all over again with the health care reform debate. republicans, of course, disagree, they point to polls that indicate half the country wants congress to scrap the plan and start all over again, and they say that will be the issue, health care, in all the congressional races this fall. jane: wendell with the president in pennsylvania, thanks wendell. jon: secretary of defense robert gates on the ground in afghanistan this hour. mr. gates is meeting with
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u.s. military leaders and president hal id karzai during this unannounced trip. gates says despite the bits and pieces of good news regarding the major offensive in the taliban strong hold of marjah, there are hard days ahead. mike emanuel is the only television reporter traveling with the defense secretary. he is streaming live for us from kabul. mike. >> reporter: jon, secretary gates is here to speak with his temperature commander to -- top commander to get an update on marjah, to meet with u.s. troops which he'll do a lot with tomorrow and speak with hamid karzai. mr. gates and mr. karzai talked about a wide range of issues like what mr. carr wry is hearing from the afghan people about the situation in marjah and where things stand at this point. he also wanted to talk to karzai about plans for a major offensive into the southern afghan city of kandahar, a key city in this new offensive strategy, this new mcchrystal strategy.
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gates did warn widespread corruption in the afghan government is a long term impediment to success pressure on the afghans to clean it up and gates says victory will require more than a military solution, it will require responsive and effective afghan leadership. >> long-term success will ultimately be determined by how well the afghan government with the support of the international community can respond to the citizens of afghanistan and inspire their loyalty. >> i attend a briefing earlier with stanley mcchrystal, top u.s. command every, he said seeing the afghan government take ownership has been a huge help to the overall war effort here in afghanistan. he talked a bit about kandahar, didn't want to get specific about the dates but said it like it would get going in early summer but cautioned us against thinking it would look like the marjah offensive. he said this would be quite
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different, a bigger city, and more of a fight may be expected but general mcchrystal said what we'll see is a rising tide of security, suggesting a slowly growing offensive into that key city of kandahar, jon. jon: mike emanuel traveling with the secretary of defense in kabul, thank you. jane: want to get to neighboring pakistan, intelligence officials say they've captured an american member of al-qaeda. there has been, though, in the last 24 hours, a lot of confusion about who exactly they have. national correspondent catherine herridge is on this for us. cath ridge, what do you know about who the person is who was captured? >> reporter: based on reporting on the ground if pakistan, the operative is identified to fox as abu yaya azam and possibly an american citizen and this is where the confusion lie, azan is a name used by the al-qaeda spokeswoman out of -- adam gadhan out of california but based on a report today the intelligence community does not believe gadhan was picked up, they believe it may be another american
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citizen. jane: where is gadhan ridingo hiding do they think. >> the intelligence is thinking that adam gadhan is with the rest of the al-qaeda leadership, including osama bin laden, in karachi in pakistan, seen as a hub for the taliban and not like operatives like gadhan. jane: he released a video. what's significant about this? >> this was described to me by one analyst as probably one of the most significant videos by al-qaeda since 9/11 for several reasons: number one, adam gadhan is an american and speaks directly to a american audience in this country and in the video adam gadhan tells those who support al-qaeda to launch small-scale attacks, and in that, he praises major nidal hasan, the alleged shooter at fort hood, he says you don't have to use bombs, you can also use guns, like major nidal hasan and significantly, he says, you don't have to die to be a martyr and to get the rewards of heaven. you can also be like major
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hasan and not complete the act, but still be blessed in the eyes of ala. this is very important, because the bottom line is eeg saying we want to see more attacks like this, we want to see smaller scale attacks which are more likely to succeed and even if you are not successful, you will get the same blessing in heaven that you would if you become a martyr. so they're lowering the threshold to expand operations if possible. jane: catherine herridge will let us know if she gets more, thanks. jon: pakistan's taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly car bomb attack, targeted a building where police interrogate high-value suspects in the say of lahor. this morning there's a huge crater in the ground where the bomb blew, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more during the rush hour. much of the building collapsed, leaving piles of brick, charreds of metal. other nearby homes and businesses also damaged, including a mosque. jane: a british couple, held hostage by somali pirates were reunited briefly, paul
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and rachel chandler have been held separately since being kidnapped from the yacht. a doctor says he received a phone call from the captors saying they were temporarily reunited. the pirates are refusing to free the chandlers without a ransom. the british government at this point is refusing to pay. jon: toyota is offering huge discounts to win back some of its lost customers. the president. company is hoping to repair toyota's damaged reputation after those big safety recalls. fox business network's jenna lee is here with mow. so good time for rebates on toyotas, huh? >> reporter: it is an excellent time but today is going to be very important in repairing some of that damaged reputation but at 1:00 p.m. eastern time toyota is going to come out with a webcast, a demonstration of why and how the electronics systems in its cars are not to blame for the sudden acceleration. this comes after two really important reports. first of all we have the reports of recalled vehicles, suddenly accelerating again, even
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after they've been fixed. and then you had this other testimony in front of congress by southern illinois professor that says that he has the actual evidence to show that the electronics systems are to blame for this problem in the car. something we should note, though, the lawyers that are suing toyota paid this professor in part for his testimony to be part of this team. now, toyota is calling in its own professor from stanford university, but get this, the automotive research center that's part of stanford university is sponsored by the automakers, including toyota. so we're going to get a demonstration. we'll see if it's exactly successful, but this is toyota, they say, taking off the gloves, that's what they told fox business, jane and jon. as far as the reoperate -- rebate, five year deal, zero percent rate for financing but we should mention u.s. ato makers are doing the same thing to stay in step. by march they hope to repair sales in a month's turnaround. jon: everybody is trying to steal business from toyota right now. jane: a man hunt is underway for a gunman who murdered a
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man and her boyfriend inside their home in detroit. police say this is the suspect, a guy named derek smith, known as leatherface. well, the two young daughters of the female victim were hiding in the house when the murders took place. an eight-year-old called 911. take a listen. >> 911, what's the problem? >> my mother is in the basement, and i need emergency, and i need -- hello? >> the questions coming out of that call. we're going to play more of it for you and get an update on this search for this killer at large, next.
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jon police in detroit release a heartbreaking 911 call from an eight-year-old girl after a gunman burst into a home, shooting the girl's mother and her mom's boyfriend, the suspect, still on the run. police have released a tape of the call, hoping it will help track him down. take a listen.
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>> emergency 911, what's the problem? >> my mother is in the basement, and i need emergency, and i need -- hello? >> where at? >> um, i'm at, um, let me go ask my mommy -- mommy? jon: absolutely heartbreaking. harris is following this story from our newsroom. >> reporter: that little girl didn't know where she was, the operator tells her to check above the porch, she's running around trying to figure out where the address is, meanwhile her mom and boyfriend have been shot in the dwelling and they're trying to get to her that call is heart rendering but here is the development. there are actually two suspects. we have a picture of one, derek smith, and boy, does this guy have a bad, bad past. he was released from prison january 17th, served time for armed robbery, killings,
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assault with a dangerous weapon, other serious felonous offenses and apparently they're looking for another unnamed suspect. i did talk with police today and they're not ready to release information about that person. it might not be solid information. they may be looking to firm that up, along with a picture. we don't have that because they aren't releasing it yet. you see a tipline on the screen there but i want to fill out this information just a little bit. also, there's an investigation into how that 911 call was handled by the operator. you find the call very disturbing when you listen to it. did the operator do her job the way she was supposed to? police in detroit are looking at that issue, jon. jon: the little girl was visiting the house where this happened, that's why she didn't know the address. >> later in the conversation she's asked to look the at mail, she's going through all of this to try to get cops there because she wasn't familiar with the address. it is just heartbreaking. jon: very, very sad, their -- hairs, thank you. jane: happening now, robert harding is said to be topped
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to head the traffic security administration. president obama is set to make that announcement. in the middle, vice president biden landing in israel, we're hearing from the associated press that israel and the palestinians have agreed to indirect peace talks brokered by the special envoy there. former senator george mitchell will have more on that. police in berlin are hunting for four bandits who stormed this poker tournament, made off with $300,000 in jackpot money. the masked men, armed with guns and machetes. it was a daylight heist, it was caught on surveillance video. police are pouring over those tapes. we'll show you more of those tapes coming up. jon: iraq's election commission says it will take several days to tally votes from sunday's parliamentary election. millions of iraqis braved the threat of violence from extremists to go to the polls, all across that country. a new estimate puts voter turnout at 62 percent. melanie wilkes is streaming
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live from baghdad. melanie. >> reporter: yeah, last hour, the election commissioner released that number, 62 percent, final for voter turnout. quite a bit better than what they had in the provincial elections last year, 61 percent. the ballot boxes are now being taken from the polling stations to a central counting center here in baghdad. there has been a concern about participation. they boycotted the national elections in 2005 and back in january the shia election panel banned hundreds of candidates from the ballot, many of them key sunni leaders. that led to an outcry by sunnis and in the end of the most prominent candidate was left off the ballot. but this morning u.s. ambassador chris hill told fox it looks like the sunni minority did show up at the polls. >> the sunnis came out in number, we believe it will be something along the order of how the shia voted. i mean, we're still waiting for precise election results, or voter participation result, but
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all the major parties participated, all the coalitions participated. >> reporter: and hill said he doesn't think that some of the violence yesterday discouraged voters from going to the polls. now, general odierno told us the election is another milestone in the process of fully drawing down u.s. troops and he says he thinks that process will continue on schedule, unless there is something catastrophic. jon? back to you. jon: melanie wilkes, live for us from baghdad, thanks. jane: we're following this mystery now, the president of an energy company in houston has seemingly just vanished while visiting new orleans. friends and family and police are all searching for this man, doug schantz. >> he was just loved by so many people, not only on a business level but on a personal level. jane: how does a seemingly responsible corporate executive disappear without a trace? we'll be speaking with his
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daughter when we come back.
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jon: there's a real mystery underway right now in new orleans, 55-year-old douglas schantz has been missing since early friday morning, schantz is president of a houston energy company. he was in new orleans to make a big donation on behalf of the company to tulane university where his daughter is a student. schantz was last seen after the presentation at a bar in the french quarter but he failed to show up for a meeting back in houston on friday morning, his staff says that is just not like him, his family now desperate for answers. joining us on the phone is britney schantz, dust schantz' daughter. it's my understanding you were supposed to meet your dad friday morning. >> that's correct. i had an interview for the energy company on friday and
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he was not going to be on site but had a flight earlier and had offered to take my suitcase and he was just so excited for me and so, you know, excited about everything and he would never not meet me there, never. jon: when he didn't show up, what did you do, get on the flight and assume he was delayed somehow? >> immediately i started causing. i started calling his cell phone at 8:00 a.m., and thought that was is not like him, he's on thegan 24/7 -- on the job 24/7, i immediately called, i waited and waited and thought maybe he had an earlier flight, maybe he had a later flight, i didn't know, so i ended up getting on the phone and went to houston and my interview and when my mom picked me up was when she told me he was still missing. jon: you had been part of this presentation at tulane where you're a graduate student, right? >> yes. jon: after your father and some of the other decided they're going to unwind, go to buschon street, hang out in the -- bourbon street, hang out in the french quarter, they went to club
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razoo but i'm -- i'm not familiar with it but i know people in new orleans are. >> yes. jon: what happened there, i guess he stayed until 1:00, 2:00 in the morning? >> the last thing shows him leaving at 2:00 a.m. he gave the presentation and spoke about how much he loves new orleans and after it's been rebuilt after hurricane katrina and after he -- how much he believes in the city, and new orleans is one of his happiest moments, and he's with the people there and feels culture and he wanted to be in the excitement. jon: what have police told you? i mean, so far, the investigation has led to an schiewt road block, right? >> exactly. we know really as much as you guys know. we've just been sitting here and praying and having this with family and friends and everyone across the country and the police have been so great and everyone is searching 24/7. nobody is sleeping. and just comfortingtous. everyone will not rest until we find him. jon: he left the bar alone,
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right? >> correct. jon: the expectation was that he was just going to walk back to his hotel? >> we really, we don't know. it is very characteristic of my dad. he's not exactly the partying man. he was there to unwind, and we're just guessing he got tired and wanted to go back and we don't know much more than that. jon: his credit cards haven't been used, cell phone hasn't been used, no indication that there is foul play involved here or anything like that. but he just vanished into thin air. >> exactly. and this is not my father. this is not my dad. he makes the world a brighter place and he would never just disappear. jon: i know there is a reward out, $5000, right, for information? >> correct. jon: and his company will at least match that if somebody knows? >> correct. the police are helping us with the reward, trying to give us guidelines, so we're just going with what they tell us is best for now. the reward is not the
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option. we're just going with what the police are instructing us to be doing right now. jon: we certainly wish you well, this is a very strange story, and we hope that you find your father. that's all we can say. >> thank you so much. we're just -- anyone who's willing to help, i want my father to be at my graduation, and we're asking anybody, just please help us in this sideways. jon: britney schantz, thank you. jane: as you were speaking, president obama has taken to the microphones in glenside, pennsylvania, talking, you got t. health care today. if you'd like to watch, this is streaming live,, very easy to get to. also, developing this morning, the 1st-term democratic congressman eric massa is set to resign today, he has said he's having health problems, the ethics committee launched an investigation into comments made to a staff member but now the congressman is slamming fellow democrats, why he says they want him out of the way.
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>> -- my colleagues for allowing me the opportunity to be here today.
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jane: i might already have the answer to this but what would you think of sending your kids to school just four days a week instead of five? a small growing number of school districts across the country are doing that to, yes, help balance their budgets. jenna has been looking into this. first i thought that said four-day work week. then i quite go for it. four-day school weeks, i don't know. >> the four-day work week in the state of utah has saved a lot of money.
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that's why there is some thought of maybe more school districts doing this but it's really our own investment as well, $4.35 billion of our stimulus money is going towards this contest, race to the top, where school districts across the country are putting together programs to try to be more effective with their education and get the opti mutual results for students. $4.35 billion is a lot of money, we want to make sure it's spent in the right way. there are a couple of things to look at when we look at the four-day school week. on the one hand, you have 15,000 school districts overall, only 100 are doing this. i want to be clear on this. here are the positives, it savings energy cost, transportation costs and increases attendance because you have that three-day weekend and an extra day for activities, appointments you need to get done during the week. the flipside are the negatives, if you work a 5-day work week, then your kid is off an extra day of the week, you have to find child care for that person. you might be paying less taxes but are going to pay for more child care. also you have the challenge of a longer school day, it's
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easy to get distracted if you're a kid. we know that, right? there's the effectiveness. you have longer hours during the day to get more teaching in, some say you're cramming it in, then you have a longer weekend where you can forget that information. there are no conclusive studies of whether or not this is an effective way to actually put the school week together but it is being thrown out there as a potential kind of variable to help save the districts money because the states, municipalities are in the budget crisis. >> we've done stories about parents having to bring in the toilet paper and hand i wipes and et cetera for the school districts, but i have a feeling there may be parents worrying entertaining their kids one full day of the week. jenna, thanks. jon? jon: president obama is taking aim once again against insurance companies as he makes yet another push to try to win public support for health care reform. he's doing so right now, making his pitch at a school
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near philadelphia. if you'd like to hear everything the president has to say, it's available to you on the white house want as final vote on the health care bill by march 1st when the president leaves on a trip for asia. let's talk about it with a.b. stoddard, associate editor of the hill. a lot of democrats are saying, a.b., that he hasn't been forceful enough in trying to make his case, trying to give them the political cover they need to pass this thing. is that what he's trying to do now? >> well, he's trying to do two things. i mean, their complaints are legitimate, it is true that the president kept an arm's length from this debate and let it unfold in the congress where they sort of battled it out amongst each other among different factions of the democratic party. what obama's message is now, if you noticed, is tailored to the insured. this is a compelling message, it's trying to sell to the insured in this country that the health care reform is a component of your economic security, that you have to have it, the premiums are rising, and
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that we're all vur nerrable. this is not a message that they started with from the beginning. but really, remember, he's actually not trying to persuade the public right now, he's trying to persuade the holdout members in the democratic party they need to jump on board to get to 216 in the house and 50-plus in the senate. jon: a lot of the hold-out members saw what happened to martha coakley in the massachusetts election when scott brown says i'll be the 41st republican vote against health care, they are looking at that and wondering whether this is a vote they want to cast the president's way, right? >> thart. and that's why they're holding out. i think in the end, the feeling is that they are going to get enough members on board to pass something, because they're making the argument that most of these members have taken the vote, and they're going to pay for it in this fall's mid-term elections, whether reform makes it over the finishing line or not, and that it's time to have something, that failure is not an option, that it's worse to vote for these bills that have been voted for in tv commercials
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and have nothing to show for it. whatever deals they're making behind closed doors, whatever help they're going to give the members in the elections, the basic thinking now in both chambers is that they'll get just enough to get it across the finishing line. jon: that's interesting, that's really the first time i've heard that from capitol hill. so you believe that they are going to arm wrestle enough votes out of the house to pass the version of the bill that the senate already passed? >> the house is much more difficult. i think on the senate side they already have votes for a package that the parliamentarian would deem passable, permissible, under the reconciliation rules. i think they have more than 50, of course, if they end up with 50, they have the vice president, but they're safer. on the house side it's more difficult. i think you're seeing momentum among people, enough that voted no last time, between nine and ten are considering now, some retiring members, some people saying the bill is more conservative and combined with the fix, if they knew the fixed package would be passed right away
11:37 am
they could vote for the senate bill knowing the provisions would be undone simultaneously. i'm not saying i see the path for this, i'm just saying that behind closed doors, they sense momentum. they would not be promising now that this was doable over more than a year in this process if they were going to come out nine days from now and tell us they were giving up. i think they see the writing on the wall, they're cutting deals and are going to find the math. jon isn't it true part of what president the president is trying to do is create a sense of inevidentability, of momentum in this thing? >> he has to. look, his entire agenda will really come to a grinding halt if he can't pass health care reform. he's fighting within his own party. republicans are not going to vote with him no matter, what they haven't at all, but he's trying to convince member, energy reform, financial services reform, anything you want to get over the finish line. we have to have something we call reform and then we're going to be able to move on. if not, everything is really stopped in its tracks.
11:38 am
jon: a.b. stoddard with the hill newspaper, thank you. >> thank you. jane: we want to get to news just breaking, this is just coming in, that israeli and palestinian officials have agreed to sit down for indirect talks. the united states special envoy for middle east peace is saying this, in a statement that has just been released, quote, we begin to discuss the structure and scope of these talks, and i will return to the region next week to continue our discussing us. in the meantime vice president bidden has arrived in tel aviv, the highest ranking american official to visit the region since president obama took office last year. since get to rita nyen in jerusalem for us. what is the purpose of the president's visit? >> reporter: biden's visit is the same for senator kerry's recent visit and admiral mullen's recent visit to make sure iran doesn't surprise and attack any time soon. it was a pretty low level ministerial greeting from him, greeted by mushah
11:39 am
ayalon, the vice minister. we know a senior member of israeli prime minister netanyahu's ruling coalition, his ruling party, called biden's visit an insult to israel, saying why is biden the most senior white house official to come to israel so far, especially since president obama has made time to go to saudi arabia, egypt and turkey, jane. jane: rina, we understand the vice president himself would like to move these talks forward. >> yeah, we know that this is something very important tom, as well as to the white house, and they sent out just this weekend, the u.s. middle east envoy george mitchell, and as you've announced they will, both potentialies and israels -- israelis, have agreed to indirect talks. we'll have to see what the plans are for these talks and when they'll gain. jane: rina, thank you, let us know if you learn anything else. jon: here's a question, are
11:40 am
you watching your die the but may be afraid that what you drink could put on a couple of extra pounds? there is one beverage that actually can help you keep the wait off, -- the weight off, and no, we're not talking simple water.
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jon: "happening now", take a look at top box, dozens of aftershocks rock eastern turkey after a killer quake shook that region. the magnitude six quake turned buildings into rubble, at least 51 people are dead. in the middle box, the supreme court to weigh in on a case about vaccine side effects. the justices agreeing today to hear an appeal from parents in pittsburgh who want to sue the drug maker wyeth because they claim their daughter suffered serious side effects after getting the dpt vaccine. in the bottom box, aig is making another major bid, major deal, i should say, in a bid to repay the billions
11:44 am
it got in federal aid. the insurance giant announcing plans today to sell off its overseas life and health insurance unit for 15 1/2 billion dollars. met life, want to go buy it. a date set in the casey anthony trial. harris has the latest on that. >> reporter: the much anticipated trial of casey anthony, her toddler, kale lee, going vanishing in 2008, the try set to begin may ninth, 2011, the judge set a scheduled for the case, he ordered all the depositions of witnesses to be completed by october 31st of this year. the trial as you know from our reporting has been delayed several times in the pass, the little girl went missing, her body found several months later, kale lee was a toddler, three-months ocialtiond and her mom on trial, may ninth, 2011. jon? jon: thank you.
11:45 am
jane: want to get to medical news. thut drink to your health in mod indication, a study suggest that is women who drink alcohol, especially red wine on a regular basis are skinnier than ladies who don't drink at all. dr. marc siegl is -- mark stegall is a member of the medical aid time. i wanted it to be chocolate but i think with red wine, i think you're here to splash cold water over it. >> they looked at a harvard study, for 13 years, it's is survey, you're relying on people to say how much they drank, who their weight was, who actually tes you the truth about their weight. jane: or how much you drink. >> i tell you what i like about it, previous studies have been plus or minus, women have an advantage over men. >> that's good to know! >> it looks like women may lose weight a little bit more likely than men would with alcohol.
11:46 am
i'll explain how that works. alcohol is a burner, if you met object bliez it properly it doesn't get stored as calories so if you're drinking instead of eating, if you're not eating calories, women tend to drink separately from meals, men tend to have their glass of wine or beer with wheels, so women may actually drink instead of eating and burn it off more effectively than men do. this is selective advantage for women here. jane: this is again in moderation, we're not talking about a half bottle, full bottle every night. >> let me point out, alcohol is bad for the live, the heart, bad for everything you can imagine in the body. the idea that i would come on here and advertise for alcohol, no chance of that. i think it just goes to show you that alcohol may be an appetite suppressant in addition to everything else. i am not suggesting that you replace food with alcohol, i'm suggesting that you eat a better die, actually. jane: no red wine and chocolate? >> dark chocolate may be good in moderation. jane: not when you have the whole thing. that seems to be my problem.
11:47 am
we hear the studies about the wine, bottom line, what is your advice? >> bottom line is i'd rather have a red grape and get the reservitrol off of the skin. i think the wine at most is good for circulation. another study said wine was better at weight loss. we're looking at all of this. alcohol is bad for you but if you're going to have a -- a glass of red wine, it is good if you're a woman. jane: i will take it. mark stegall as part of our a teal, good to see you, thanks. jon: jane, the remains of a teenage girl found missing a week after a young girl was found dead not far away. is there a connection between the death of amber dubois and chel ski king? next.
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
jon: well, the real estate
11:51 am
collapse could have a silver lining for do-it-yourselfers, looking to find a bargain. banks are trying to unload thousands of unfinished homes that developers abandoned, sometimes their owners abandoned them as well, selling them for a fraction of the cost of finished homes, but you really need to know what you're doing. orlando salinas has examples, live for us from miami, orly? >> reporter: jon, you know, we're talking about homes that have been truthfully just abandoned by builders. we're talking about small and primarily medium-sized builders who on the good faith of the folks who wanted to buy that home initially, those folks took out a loan then eventually realized they didn't have the money to keep going on, the builder tried to hang on as long as the builder possibly could, eventually these builders just had to truthfully walk away. you know, as i go across the state doing stories and you see different neighborhoods and it begins to make sense, you sort of begin to understand how this is, how many homes like this? the u.s. census bureau has
11:52 am
there too be tens of thousands of homes just like what's going on in florida nationwide, but florida, jon, is maybe the hardest hit. take a listen. >> i just love all the big windows. >> it would be nice if they were in. >> reporter: as florida's construction slowdown continues real force are showing a growing number of unfinished homes for one simple reason. >> the builder is unable to complete the project. >> reporter: in winter park, florida, properties have walls but no windows. here i can see the second floor from the flirs. -- from the first, and along this wall, water grips through this concrete crassel and yet despite obvious issues real force say the incomplete homes are deals. >> there are great opportunities for buyers that are ready to go and willing to come into a marketplace and finish and complete projects that are ten, 15, 50 percent done. >> reporter: economists say the half-built housing phenomena won't last and potential buyers should buy for the long term.
11:53 am
>> if you're trying to bet on a quick turnaround in the housing market you could be in for a shock. >> reporter: okay, jon, let's talk about the upside of buying one of these half-built homes. look, the banks do not want to keep these homes on their books. that's really a no brainer. so there is already built-in savings from that point. you also have to remember that there really is a glut of these homes out here. now let's talk about the downside. we spoke with an economist, dr. sean state, he was saying this phenomena won't last long but you have to be careful because while you're looking and seeing the half-built homes, my gosh, the realtor is almost trying to give it away, although they're not, you have to remember a lot of these properties have been exposed to the elements for months, in some cases, two and three years. so you have issues of possibly mold in the walls, you have many homes who have these large holes where the windows should be but there were never any windows put up and in some cases, jon,
11:54 am
you can drive by some of these neighborhoods and not just one or two but multiple homes that sit like that, you can see in some cases the builders have left their hats, they have left some equipment there and it looked like these guys just went to lunch and never came -- and never came back. jon? >> jon: as you said earlier, it looks like a challenge for those who have the skills. orlando salinas, thanks. jane: in southern california a vigil will be held for 14-year-old amber dubois, police found her on an ind india reservation in northern san diego county. she disappeared more than a year ago, on her way to school. police are looking at a registered sec offenders charged with the murder of chelsea king. king's body was found last week, 10-miles from where amber vanished last year. john albert gardener -- gardner is charged with raping and murdering chelsea. he has pleaded not guilty. a search for a portland woman who was out for a hike and simply disappeared.
11:55 am
harris has more. >> reporter: pictures are just coming bo the newsroom, katharine heather, she texted a friend thursday afternoon saying she was going to the trail head nearby, and this is in bo -- bonnville dam in washington. by friday they were looking for her because katharine was missing. i just got the pictures and here's a picture of her actually taking a picture of something else. i'm going to close this down real quickly, guys, and bring up another picture. again, sevenners looking for her back out there today. they waited for day break, obviously. if you can zone if, you'll see her with her dog. we don't have any reason to believe she is with that dog now. these pictures were not taken from her like -- from her hike but before. they did find a credit card receipt as well as they were looking for katharine heather out in the state of washington, the bonneville dam area. back to you guys. jon: keep us updated, harris. thank you. jane: a new man at the helm
11:56 am
of fighting terrorism. the head of the transportation security administration, a post that's been open for a while. we'll talk about it with major garrett in a moment.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
jon: hello to you, hope you're having a great monday, welcome to a brand new hour of "happening now", i'm jon scott. jane: i'm jane skinner, in the top box, he's a retired army general, and robert harding will fill what is considered the most important post in the obama administration, head of the transportation security administration. jon: a health care road trip, president obama wrapping up a speech in pennsylvania where he once again pushed his overhaul plan and the last ditch effort doesn't stop there, what he plans to do to make health care reform a reality. jane: an embattled congressman from new york is making charges just as he is set to resign today, what congressman massa is saying about his own party leaders.
12:00 pm
live pictures from our newsroom. we're going to show you where this is happening, where it's all coming in from all over the country, around the world. trust me, they're hard at work and as soon as they get more details about anything, you know we'll bring it straight to you. jon: any moment now, we are expecting the announcement of the name of a nom nominee -- new nominee to head the transportation security administration, according to the white house it is the most important unfilled post in the obama administration and the person the white house has named is retired major general robert harding, a choice that is significant, because of harding's resume. major garrett is on this for us, he's at the white house right now. what do we know about general harding? he is the second nominee to this post, from the obama administration. right? >> reporter: that's right. general harding retired, 33 years, in the united states army, his last post, he was deputy to the chief of intelligence, before that, he was can the defense intelligence agency where he specialized in human intelligence, so he has a significant background not only in the army, pentagon
12:01 pm
bureaucracy at large but also specialized career background in not only intelligence, but human intelligence, as collected by the army as a defense intelligence agency, so the white house believes he is suited to dealing with many of the issues that arise for the tsa. he, of course, is the second nom fee for foro for this post, ae -- earl southers was nominated abandoned that approach to be head of the tsa in january because of two reasons. one, congressional concerns that in the 1980s he misled congress about something he did in the 1980s which was conduct a background check on a boyfriend -- an ex-boyfriend of his current wife, that issue became a topic of conversation as far as the candor for members of diagram, he withdrew, southers did, and harding is the next nominee to head the tsa. jon: one complication for southers was the collective bargaining for tsa employees, i know. does harding have an expressed opinion on that? >> not well defined, and of
12:02 pm
course when he was questioned by congress mr. southers said he would review the matter but the obama administration is very clear, they do believe the tsa employees should have rights to collective bargaining. it's important to understand, tsa employees can join a union, they just cannot be collectively bargained for on their behalf as a unit, meaning they can't as a group appeal for higher wages or resist changes in work rules. and so far, the tsa to the homeland security department homeland security department has way so they can quickly turn around work rules to respond to various terrorist threats, and there is a fear if collective bargaining is inserted in that process, tsa employees employees could slow down rapid fire changes in their procedures which are ordered to deal with a specific terrorist threat, but they may want to resist. on this issue i'm sure mr. hardy will be questioned closely. jon: i'm sure another thing he'll get questioned about is the use of that full-body
12:03 pm
scanning technology that's come in vogue. has he expressed an opinion on that? >> reporter: no, but clearly he will come in if he's, in fact, confirmed as the new tsa administrator. right now that body scanning technology is at 19 airports, it's scheduled to be in 11 more very soon within the coming months. that process is pretty much all the way working itself out, but of course, if mr. harding is confirmed, he will not only supervise that, but try to expand it because many airports and customers want to see that technology in place as rapidly as possible. jon: major garrett, thank you. jane: we have live pictures to show you from pennsylvania where president obama hs has just wrapped up another push for health care reform, shaking hands with people in glenside, pennsylvania. not only was he heard taking on opponents of his plan, also went after insurance companies directly. take a listen. >> every year insurance companies deny people more coverage because they've got
12:04 pm
pre-existing conditions. every year they drive more people's coverage when they get sick right when they need it most. every year they raise premiums higher and higher and higher. jane: and this is what he had to say about the republicans, you had ten years, what happened? what were you doing? so the question is do they have enough votes to pass this thing? we're going to be talking to our guests fair and balanced coming up in just a couple minutes. jon: a powerful magnitude 6 earthquake rocks turkey early this morning. it struck hundreds of miles east of angora. buildings made of mud brick collapsed as people were sleeping inside. greg talcott is monitoring the situation from london, what's the latest you're hearing? >> reporter: aftershocks are the problem as rescue workers search for anybody left underneath the rubble there in eastern turkey. u.s. geological survey is now
12:05 pm
saying it is a 5.9 survey on the richter scale, that is a relatively small one when you're talking about major quakes, but still it has deadly effect. i'm told there are several reasons behind this fact, number one, the houses that the folks were in are vulnerable, mud and clay-built structures, they're not designed to withstand this type of quake. while the population is small, it's concentrated in five different villages right around the epicenter. the earthquake itself was close to the earth's surface, and it hit early in the morning when people were inside, jon. jon: are they saying this could be related to any of the earthquakes we've been seeing? >> reporter: i asked one expert, and he said no. although it would seem we've had a flurry of them, haiti, chile, end these ya, taiwan. he says, in fact, while one earthquake can trigger another one if there is a close proximity along a fault line or a dangerous area.
12:06 pm
that area in eastern turkey has been dubbed a hot spot because of the geographical spread we've been seeing over the past couple of weeks, it's probably too wide. 5.9, the number of earthquakes at 6.0 or more this one year on average, 150. jon: wow. greg talcott live for us in london. thanks, greg. jane: a massive bomb blast in pakistan has killed more than a dozen people, many of the victims women walking their children to school. the building was used for sewer gating high-value -- interdating high-value detainees. police are blaming groups linked to the taliban in pakistan, they're already accused of killing more than 600 people since last october. jon: robert gates meets with president hamid karzai today in afghanistan. it's an unannounced visit for secretary gates, his first since troops began arriving for president obama's troop surge.
12:07 pm
the two discussed the offensive in marjah and helmand province and our efforts to protect civilians. karzai also spoke about a plan to reinti grate those who renounce terror back into society. jane: millions of people braved bombs and bullets in iraq to get to the ballot box. this is the second parliamentary election since the u.s.-led invasion in 2003. insurgents killed more than 30 people yesterday in separate attacks, but iraq's election chief says turnout looks like it was about 62% at least despite the violence. steve seven man ty is -- centanni is watching from d.c. what does this mean for the united states? >> reporter: well, of course, it determines who we're going to be dealing with in iraq, and this was an all-important test of the power of the insurgency to influence affairs, and observers
12:08 pm
saying the elections prove things are on the right track for iraq. for the most part, people ignored the threats and turned out in good numbers. president obama applauded the iraqi people but issued this warning. >> we know that there will be very difficult days ahead in iraq, and there will possibly be more violence, but like any sovereign, independent nation, iraq must be free to chart its own course. no one should seek to influence, exploit or disrupt this period of transition. >> reporter: the president also called this an important milestone in iraqi history, jane. jane: and what about reaction from capitol hill? >> reporter: well, it's overwhelmingly positive each though some republicans, of course, think the president should never have set that deadline for pulling out u.s. combat troops from iraq, hay say the election is a promising sign. here are just a few reactions from members of congress. >> it'll be an important milestone along their way to being a normal democratic country.
12:09 pm
>> it's a real good thing for the middle east, and i am very supportive of it. >> reporter: the u.s. now appears to be pulling troops out of afghanistan. all combat troops expected to be out by september 1st. jane: steve seven centanni, thanks. jon: reports of another key arrest in pakistan. is the tide turning there against taliban terrorists who have been hiding out? we're going to talk with an expert on what's behind what seems to be a string of successful captures. is this the key to victory? [ male announcer ] nature valley sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible,
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by nature valley.
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harris: want to take you right mow to north dallas where a very tall office building, some 18 floors, a high-rise on lockdown after reports of a shooting in or near the building. now, there is a bank located here, and early reports had the shootout happening in the bank. we're trying to confirm that. i can tell you several ambulances have shown up to the scene, there is a huge police
12:13 pm
response. one injury has been reported so far. now, that might jibe with local reports that a possible suspect was shot, but again, we're trying to firm up details. these pictures are just coming this from north dallas. this is merit drive, a high-rise office building in lockdown. they're just coming in to the fox news channel newsroom right now. as i learn more here at the breaking news desk, i'll bring it to you, but i wanted you to see what's going on in north dallas, a very, very big police response and ambulances where reports of shooting inside an office building. jon and jane? jane: harris, thanks. also happening in your top box, a trial date has just been set for casey anthony, the mother accused of killing her little girl. the date is may 9th of next year in florida. in the middle box, the general in afghanistan says the military campaign around the town of marjah could have been faster, but the cost in civilian casualties would have been too
12:14 pm
high. and on the bottom, a major rock slide in western colorado closes down part of i-70. the slide punched holes in a bridge, left huge boulders on the highway. thankfully, so far nobody's been reported hurt. jon: intelligence officials in pakistan are trying to figure out the identity of an american member of al-qaeda they say was arrested there in recent days. it's the latest in a string of captures and drone attacks taking down high-value targets in pakistan. is this a sign of a big turn around in the fight against terrorism there? let's talk about it with neil livingston, chairman and chief executive of executive action. that's a business solutions firm. i know you were in pakistan not too long ago, neil, what's your assessment of why all of a sudden we seem to be doing better not only at taking these guys out with drone attacks, but in capturing some of them? >> well, i think in part because the pakistanis right now are aggressively attacking the
12:15 pm
taliban and their al-qaeda allies. in the autonomous area up along the border, there are actually seven parts to it, seven states, al-qaeda's only believed at this time to really have any control in two of those states. so they're diminishing. and also they've been defeated up in the swat area. so this president, president sue dari, has been very forceful at throwing the army at both the taliban and their al-qaeda friends. jon: let's take a look at some of the recent captures, mullah abdul ghani, he was the number two leader captured in karachi, also mullah abdul ca bier, he was the top commander in eastern afghanistan. we're not sure where he was picked up, but the fact that those two guys are no longer in the fight, that's got to hurt the taliban. >> it is. now, they have a pretty deep bench, and they've been pretty
12:16 pm
good at elevating younger, more junior people to take the positions of those who have been killed, but i think today there is success in pakistan, and quite frankly, it's afghanistan that's deteriorating very quickly. and in part that may be because to some extent that they've pushed a lot of these guys back over the border into afghanistan with the pressure that the pakistani army is putting on the taliban and al-qaeda in pakistan. jon: wasn't there the feeling, though, for a long time that these guys, these taliban leaders were pretty much untouchable in pakistan? >> that's right. but we just discovered this very large cave and tunnel complex there, 157 chambers. it's believed that zawahiri probably was hunkered down there for a while, and that was also used as a route of infiltration and exfiltration between the two countries. so, you know, what was interesting when i was in pakistan was there's been a change, a sea change among the
12:17 pm
pakistani people. when the taliban got within 60 miles of islamabad, i think they suddenly woke up and said, you know, we don't love this government. we don't like mr. shah reef either. but they're certainly a lot better than the taliban, and we're going to support the government to get rid of these guys. jon: and then there was this interesting pickup over the weekend, somebody that at first we thought might be adam godon, that c california-born spokesman for al-qaeda. looks like it's not him, but it does look like an american al-qaeda associate? >> yeah. it may be a fellow who is from pennsylvania. godon is from orange county, california, and in his case his real name was perlman. this guy from the pennsylvania area was a -- of muslim origin to begin with and he does have, we believe, u.s. citizenship. their names are somewhat
12:18 pm
similar, their war names, but it doesn't appear that we have adam godon who is on the most wanted list and would be a real trophy if we got him. jon: so what does the united states do as a thanks to president zardari for this renewed cooperation? >> well, i think we need to do more to support the economic aid that we're giving to pakistan. you know, pakistan is a country that has a very large population growth and as fast as they can modernize, a lot of times those, that modernization, that development is suddenly erased by population pressures and so on. they need economic development. we need to support that government. and we mustn't do things that are too overt, that would undermine the government and suggest they're somehow proxies of the united states. jon: neil living livingston, thanks. jane: textbooks coming to texas,
12:19 pm
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curriculum committees recommending no talk of christmas, maybe we don't have room to talk about the liberty bell or paul revere. that's upset a lot of people who say that's basic fundamentals of america. here's what chief counsel for the american center for law and justice told us.
12:25 pm
>> why do the groups target the classroom? because that's where the ideas are shaped, that's where opinions are molded, and that's where world views are established. i think what you've got doing r going on in texas is this constant struggle between two views of the world. >> reporter: and those two views will be battling it out this week in texas, jane. jane: some are saying this is all about identity politics? >> reporter: yeah. you know, i talked to a gentleman who's worked in the textbook industry for a long, long time, he says it's a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease. whichever groups are most vocal, they're the ones who usually end up getting the curriculum and the textbooks they demand. he thinks some of those groups are less worried about history and more about making sure their voices are heard. here's what the directer of the american textbook council told me. >> the most visible groups are the christian right that wants to use american history textbooks to recapture the soul
12:26 pm
of the nation. >> reporter: and those accusations have certainly been flying in texas, is it about religious bias? is it about whitewashing our history so there's no mention of religion? it's something they haven't settled yet, and there will certainly be fireworks. jane: thank you. new reactions from a congressman who's resigning, being pushed out by leaders of his own party all in the name of health care. and some good news, business news for the golden arches. jenna is here with that. @=h [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest.
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right now at red lobster. jon: well, he is not a big name on capitol hill, and now he's getting out, but there are some new developments concerning the embattled new york congressman, democrat eric massa. he expected to resign today. he says it's because of health problems, also maybe an ongoing ethics investigation, but he's going on the offensive against his fellow democrats and the obama administration, and that is really making some waves. eric shawn joins me now with more. eric? >> reporter: jon, it's a set up, that's what eric massa claims. he's expected to resign just over five hours, and he's launched a stunning broadside against the house leadership accusing them of forcing him out of congress because he opposes president obama's health care plan. that means with him out the administration and house leadership have one less no vote to worry about.
12:31 pm
the upstate new york freshman gave a blunt, scorching interview saying our government politicians and washington are destroying themselves and are lying. last week massa cited a recurrence of cancer for his stepping down and a southern house ethics committee investigation, a complaint from a male staffer. massa says it's all a misunderstanding, that he was at a wedding reception with his wife when he made a joke at a table tussling a staffer's hair and making a comment, and that's been blown up to try and force him out all to save health care. >> mine is now the deciding vote on the health care bill, and this administration and this house leadership have said, quote-unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill. and now they've gotten rid of me, and it'll pass. you connect the to dots. >> reporter: massa also described rahm emanuel calling him on the phone, he says emanuel screaming at him and
12:32 pm
cursed at him on the phone because he voted against the cap and trade bill and they've also had some other bizarre confrontations. inconsistencies in massa's claims but they have not yet responded to his claims that the ethics investigation is a way to try to force him from office. the house bill, you know, only passed by five votes, the full house health care plan is expected to be voted on in ten days, and, jon, if massa does continue and carry through with his plan, just under actually four and a half hours he'll still be in congress. supposed to resign by 5:00 if he does. jon: he did vote against it the first time, is that correct? >> reporter: and that's why he thinks they're trying to get him out, so that they can try to get someone in there to vote for it or maybe not flip his vote. jon: interesting. >> reporter: there's more coming. jon: i'm sure there is. jane: president obama has just ten days before his trip to
12:33 pm
indonesia and australia, that looks to be the new deadline now for the house to vote on health care reform. the president in pennsylvania last hour trying to change minds and win more support for his plan. he was taking on insurance companies and taking on republicans. take a listen. >> i got all my republican colleagues out there saying, no, no, no, we want to focus on things like -- you had ten years. what happened? [cheers and applause] what were you doing? [cheers and applause] jane: we have a republican and a democrat with us. look up, tucker, you're on tv. debbie dingell and tucker carlson, editor of daily can, fox news contributor. debbie -- tucker, actually, first to you since we've woken you up here, ten years, the president said, ten years you republicans had to get it done and now you'd say you want to get it done. is that going to win him any of these democratic votes he needs for this plan?
12:34 pm
>> well, the republicans didn't pass a health care bill like this, that is factually true. the more relevant truth is that this president has spent the last year giving speeches like the one he gave today to no effect. here we are approaching the middle of march with a self-imposed deadline with the end of march to get this through, and there still aren't the votes, not from republicans, but from democrats on the hill. they're not behind this president's health care plan and that, again, is despite millions of words from this white house on this subject. will another speech make the difference? it's hard to see how it could. jane: just for the record, i know he wasn't sleeping, he was looking at these blackberries that -- >> no, i was reading the president's speech. jane: okay, good! doing homework, even better. john boehner just put out a statement saying that the president this morning is heavy on snake oil and light on reality in this sales pitch as he called it. is he going to be able to do it, will he have the votes? >> first of all, i resent that
12:35 pm
word snake oil. it's what republicans have been up to from, it's the constant, it's the spreading of the myth, it's the negative rhetoric, it's the constant no, no, no. the fact of the matter is democrats have done a very bad job of telling the story of what's really in this bill. when you look at the polling done in the last week, when you get into it, american people do want what's in the bill. the question is, is the president going to be able to convince the american people that what they want is in this bill? the fact that the americans are tired of being discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions, that that there are or caps each year on what the insurance company will cover annually, that their children will be covered on family policies until they're 26, the fact that insurance companies aren't going to be able to gouge them with rates like 40%, the california blue cross blue shield. in illinois, the president's own state, they increased it 60%. that's what's in this bill, but they've got to get the story out. jane: let's take a look at the double team.
12:36 pm
does it really come down to at this point the president and the house speaker, nancy pelosi? the l.a. times put it whether she can land enough votes and whether the president can take control of the debate? tucker, the time is short here. >> again, just to bring it pack to the facts, it's not a question of convincing the american people or republicans. you've got about 20 democrats, fewer than that, in the house who aren't voting for this. they need to vote for it in order for it to become law. why aren't they? because they believe their constituents not only don't support it, but will vote them out of office in november if they vote for it. so you've got a pretty basic problem. there are elements that are popular with the public, but the bill itself despite a year of talking it up unceasingly is unpopular, generally, with the american public. it's true. jane: debbie, i do want to ask you what jon scott and eric shawn were talking about about what congressman massa has had to say, that the leaders in his own party will stop at nothing
12:37 pm
to pass this health care bill and that they wanted him out because he was a potential no. >> well, with all due respect and i think it's a very tragic situation what has happened, and last week i heard himself say that he made some mistakes. his one, there will not be able to replace his one vote in the next ten days or two weeks to have it replaced by somebody else. i think democrats are very concerned that we did make commitments that we were going to clean up the congress. we don't know what the facts are of the case, but he himself last week said he was guilty of some improper behavior, and i think that's what this is being judged on, not whether his vote on health care makes or breaks us. jane: debbie, just as you were answering, a white house official gave this to fox, quote, representative massa's attack is ridiculous and there's no truth to it. we're going to have to leave it there for today. thanks to you both. >> thanks. >> thank you. jane: we would like to know what you think out there, will congressional democrats push this bill through congress, this health care bill without republican support? will they use reconciliation?
12:38 pm
you can go to it's really easy, right on our opening page where the blue arrow is, you decide. click on it. you can see what other people are saying, and we'd like to hear what you think as well. jon? jon: some happy smiles from the producers of happy meals. mcdonald's corporation posting higher sales worldwide in february. pardon me. is this a sign that business is bouncing pack for the world's biggest hamburger franchise? i guess i got all choked up there. jane: i was thinking you went for that olympic mcnugget happy meals -- jon: i got a fry in my throat. jenna lee is going to explain all this. [laughter] jenna: well, it also tells us something about the global economy as well because this is a multi-national corporation, so on the one side mcdonald's has had a rough few months, it's coming back with very strong sales, but most of the sales are coming from the far east, from asia, also from europe. one of the things that's helping
12:39 pm
out the sales in asia, it was the chinese new year, a lot of people went out, went out to restaurants, went to mcdonald's. also in europe we saw relatively strong sales as well while stateside our sales were up not even 1%. part of the reason is the snowstorms, and part of the other reason that we're seeing comes to unemployment as well. mcdonald's has done a lot to get more items on their dollar menus, also to get more items in their coffee menus as well, but people are not commuting to work because they have nowhere to go, it's tough to get that business in your store. so overall investors very happy with these results, the stock is higher, mcdonald's is happy, but it does tell us something about the strength in the global economy not necessarily being domestic at this point. jon: but it's also true at a time when people maybe can't afford to eat out, they're going to going to taking mcdonald's, if they do go out, they're going to mcdonald's more than they are -- jenna: hey, french fries are a
12:40 pm
treat all the time no matter what. jon: that's for sure. thanks. jane? jane: avatar, alice in wonderland, claudia is on the job hunt in pleasant hill, california. >> reporter: that's right. going to the movies? well, if you are, chances are you're going to need a pair of these because 3-d films are all the rage generating excitement and jobs. i'll have that story coming right up. , wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life.
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megyn: hi, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. congressman eric massa says he's being forced out of congress because he's voting no on health care reform. we've got it covered, and we are awaiting word on whether massa really will resign in moments. plus sexual assault allegations against steelers' qb ben roethlisberger, that's in explosive kelly's court all starting top of the hour. jane: want to get to some
12:44 pm
breaking news out of dallas, there's been a shooting at an office building there. it sounds like it happened at a bank on the first floor. jason evans is with dallas fire and rescue, we're getting reports that three people have been shot? >> you there? jane: jason, can you hear me? >> i can hear you now. jane: we're getting reports that three people have been shot, is that right? >> that is correct. at about 10:30 this morning we came out to a shooting -- [inaudible] [audio difficulty] jane: jason, i'm sorry, we're having trouble hearing you. it sounds like they've got some wind or weather in the area that is preventing us from hearing him, but is harris available harris harris yeah, i'm here. >> customers and employees have been locked in the vault? harris: right. i was telling you earlier local tv stations were talking with people from inside this location. we had unconfirmed reports they were locked inside of a vault trying to stay away from the
12:45 pm
bullets that were being fired and what's being called now a shootout. we've been able to confirm through dallas fire rescue that at least three people have been shot, possibly the suspect among them. we have some conflicting reports of the suspect, of his condition at this point. that's what we're trying to firm up. this, again, is located across from medical city dallas hospital. where this happened is key to the survivors of this is what i'm understanding because you have so much response so very quickly. eighteen-story building remains on lockdown at last check. jane: yeah. and this is what one of the local radio stations is reporting, that a bank curt her went outside, came back inside and said, you'd better lock your doors, and another witness reported seeing somebody in a chair with blood all over his chest. we'll try to establish better communication with jason, and we'll bring more information straight to you. thanks, harris. haste harris sure.
12:46 pm
jon: we are bag on the job -- big on the job hunt here on fox news. the business of 3-d film is booming. that means more jobs for people with the right skills. check this out. seven of the top ten highest-grossing 3-d movies since 1980 were released just last year. there are about 20 3-d films expected for release next year, and they accounted for more than a billion dollars in profits before "avatar" ever hit theaters. claudia cowen is live at the century 16 theaters in pleasant hill, california, now with more. let me put my 3-d glasses on so i can see you in that format, claudia. i guess audiences really love those visual effects, but what about jobs? how does it translate into jobs? >> reporter: well, jon, when you think about everything it takes to make a 3-d film, it's really no surprise when you hear a number of different sectors are
12:47 pm
hiring. these 3-d films require specialized crew members. they create a 3-d environment on the set. special equipment is needed throughout the entire process, for instance, rigs capable of holding one camera, two cameras instead of just one and then, of course, you do need these special high-tech glasses. and companies that are making the next generation specs? jon, they are hiring. jon: more of the 3-d films, more of the glasses, how are they different? >> reporter: well, you know, today's 3-d glasses are quite a bit more durable, they can be washed and reused. the lenses have a special on the cl coating that helps reduce vision fatigue while tricking the brain into seeing a 2-d image in 3-d. if you saw "avatar," chances are you wore glasses like these, and this company is hiring because demand is skyrocketing right
12:48 pm
along with production of 3-d movies. jon: there was a big opening this weekend, right? >> reporter: alice in wonderland taking in more than $116 million, that's a record opening for a 3-d film. alice is showing in this theater in about an hour as well as another here in the sin plex as well as on i-max screens across the country. 21 3-d films to be introduced this year, that's eight more than last year, and every indication is that this trend will continue as audiences appear to be more than willing to shell out a few extra dollars for this total immersion experience that can't be replicated anywhere else. jon: you've got to clear out of there before the movie starts, i guess, claudia. thanks. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. jane: we continue to watch what is happening in dallas, texas. there has been what's being called a shootout at a bank, and we're told that customers and bank employees may still be locked in the bank's vault. we're going to be talking with a witness in just moments.
12:49 pm
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jon: a fox news alert, let's take you back to north dallas, texas, where a shooting at a dallas office building has police scrambling. on the phone with us now is jeff ramsey, he works on the 15th floor of that building. jeff, the bank is on the ground floor, right? >> that is correct. jon: it's a united texas bank? >> that's correct. jon: and how did you hear about what's happening 15 stories below your workplace? >> to start off with, one of our employees actually was downstairs coming up and seeing a commotion, police were there and then about the time she arrived on our floor, the building security just made an announcement that everybody was to go to their office, lock
12:53 pm
their doors and stay there until they were advised to leave. jon: so the building is essentially on lockdown right now, huh? >> it has been. they just came on and said we could leave our offices. we can't go to the lobby, we can't use the regular elevators, we can only use the service elevators if we want p to leave the building. jon: we are looking at live helicopter pictures from our affiliate there right now. we see people in white lab coats, that's because there's a hospital right across the street from the bank, is that correct? >> that's correct. there's two hospitals directly across the street. jon: have police said anything to you about who was shot or was this a robbery? >> from what i've been told from some other sources and some people i know that talked to police, they've said ha it was actually a financial -- that it was actually a financial services company on the third floor, a father/son company, and they're not sure if it was disgruntled employee, unhappy
12:54 pm
client or what it was. we initially all thought it was the bank being robbed, but apparently we're being told it was actually somebody on the third floor, a small financial services company. jon: yeah. that's the reporting we're hearing as well from local reports, a father and son were shot and that the shooter also has a bullet wound. whether that was self-inflicted or whether he was shot by responding officers, we don't yet know. but anytime you hear that the two people shot, you know, being a father and son combination apparently, related, it suggests that this was not just a random act, not just a random robber who walked in off the street. it sounds like people who were targeted. >> that's what we're understanding, that's kind of what we're thinking here. we're in the financial services business as well, so it was kind of scary and interesting to think about it with the market the past year. jon: i'm sure it's a frightening situation for everybody there in
12:55 pm
your building although police, i guess, are saying that they have begin pretty much the all -- given pretty much the all clear, that you can get out of your 15th floor offices there. jeff ramsey who works in the building, we appreciate the information. thank you. >> thank you. jane: we're also watching a story from capitol hill concerning congressman eric massa. he said he was stepping down. he's had some health concerns, also there's been a sexual harassment complaint, there's an ethics investigation begun on. fiery accusations, he's making new ones today about leaders of his own party. his own party. the white house is responding, that's all coming up. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number...
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12:59 pm
guy from jaime achea is running, newton marshall is his name, the top prize, a new truck 50 grand. that's sounds like a dream come true for you jon scott, new truck and 50 grand, i'd never see you again. jon: i love the ididarod. jane and my kids are rooting for the jamaican. we're going to see you tomorrow. megyn is up next. megyn: fox news alert, the white house, just reacting to explosive new charges from an outgoing democrats, welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. congressman eric massa is hours away from finalizing his possible, possible, resignation. this morning, congressman massa gave a radio interview where he attacked the white house, the democratic leadership, and the push to overhaul health care. saying he has been targeted by his own democratic leadership for wanting to vote no on the health care reform bill. no


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